The Easter Bunny Song

I’ve always thought it rather funny,

Just think about the Easter Bunny.

And what do bunnies always do??

Parents mustn’t have a clue.


 They let him in on Easter morn,

He sneaks upstairs to their young born,

Armed with chocolate to lure them in

On the day that Jesus was cleansed of sin… 


I have a solution which may sound bitter,

We should lock him up with Gary Glitter.

Then like and like can shag like bunnies,

I think that image is kinda funny.


We’ll round them up – get Santa Claus!

The bogey man, and the tooth fairy of course.

And the ultimate voyeur, the Man in the Moon.

We’ll get our human rights back soon.


 I hate to live in a society

Where this kind of thing can happen to me

So I’m going to save you all from this,

But I’ll save you first if you’ve got nice tits.

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