Want Something to Read?

Well it’s your lucky day!

Hello again by the way. Post number two is to advise you all that building these page thingys isn’t quite so hard as I thought (although any tips would be appreciated to make it easier for you to read my stuff!)

The more exciting bit of news however, is that I’ve posted some of my novel-in-progress / novel-zone / thing for you to read! I should probably write a synopsis at some point really, although can it be done before its written?

Anyway, briefly. Its a humourous fantasy novel which follows the amiable rogue, Carlos, on his interesting journey between parallel dimensions. A journey which is not exactly on purpose, yet leads him in to some unique surroundings and worlds.

I’ve uploaded the first three chapters (they’re very very short! It just seems right here) which introduces Carlos and the mess he’s got himself into.  I won’t say any more. Give it a read!

As I’ve previously said – it won’t end here. My intention is to write the whole novel and post it as I go along! I’m hoping around three new chapters per month.

Feedback appreciated!

Read Chapter 1 of “In That Other Dimension” here!!

Fish out

(Should I start that? It’ll be very difficult to end it…)

Blogging? What’s all this then?

Well, I guess that as this is my first ever blog entry you all ought to say a big “Hello” to me hadn’t you?

Thanks. And a warm salutation to you too.

Anyway, I’m Matty M, and this is my blog. Once I’ve worked out how to use the damn thing I’ll be sharing some of my writing with you, as well as my wonderfully witty thoughts of the day. If I ever have any.

In New Blog News (fake trademark), I’ve put some stuff on the “About Me” page. Feel free to read, it tells you some stuff about me. Not much, but if you’re that interested you can stalk me or something. I’ll probably put more up one day.

Also, in the next few days I’ll be posting installment number one of my current novel “In That Other Dimension…” ©Matty Millard 2012

I can sense your excitement from here.

Fish out