Blogging for Music, AC/DC – The Razors Edge

Aussie band AC/DC are one of those bands that I just can’t imagine how people could not like.

Everyone knows their biggest hits, and they have so many great songs that it is difficult to pick favourites, and every AC/DC fan has a completely different and justifiable one. Personally, my favourite AC/DC album is the one that got me into them – The Razors Edge.

razors edge

The Razors Edge was released in 1990, around fifteen years after AC/DC began and it launched them back into the limelight with some chart success. I discovered it about 4 years later as a young teenager just getting into rock music. At that age, what can be better than a good bit of dirty rock and roll, chunky riffs, cheeky lyrics and songs all about girls and booze.

I loved the infectious tunes and catchy riffs without doubt, but one of the things that I’ve always liked about AC/DC is the sense of humour that you always find in their music. The Razors Edge was no different, and as a teenager the cheeky “Mistress for Christmas” and “Got you by the Balls” were two of my favourites. The most distinctive song on the album is also one of their most famous. Almost any rock fan knows “Thunderstruck” within about three seconds of the first riff, and the way the song builds throughout the intro before launching into the chorus makes this a pretty special track. My personal favourite however, is the spooky title track “The Razors Edge”, the opening riff of which always makes your hairs stand on end. These two tracks, really stand The Razors Edge apart from any other AC/DC album for me, they offer something different and give the album a slightly different vibe to their others. Of course, the catchy choruses, delightful bluesy hard rocking riffs, ear-splittingly powerful vocals and fast, showy guitar solos are throughout this album in spades like any other AC/DC album (“Rock Your Heart Out” and “Moneytalks” are two prime examples of typical catchy AC/DC tracks), and these I love – but I always get something a little bit extra  from The Razors Edge.

My three recommendations:

The Razors Edge

Mistress For Christmas


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