Travelling Thailand!

Hey all,

Just a quick blog update for you all really. I recently did some slightly different writing for a change based on my travels of Thailand a couple of years ago. Yes, that means it is sensible! This has kindly been published on so please go and take a look!!

Here’s one of my pics (Koh Phi Phi) to give you a taster – I will post the whole piece on here at some point 🙂

The next section of my novel-zine “In That Other Dimension” should be up in the next few days. For anyone that thought it wasn’t already silly enough, you’ve got a real treat in store over the next couple of chapters!!!

Fish out

Matty M

Six Sentence Sunday

Well here’s something new to me that I thought I’d join in with:

Anyway, my Six are the opening to my humorous fantasy book “In That Other Dimension” which is available to read here on my blog. If you enjoy them, have a read of the real thing! I’ll be posting the rest of the book as I write it.

“It is a little known fact that every red telephone box in England contains a portal to a parallel dimension. It is activated by an amazing technology which our fantastic telecoms engineers have stumbled upon without ever actually realizing.

It is equally little known that this portal is activated simply by the phone number dialled in that box.

Had Carlos Ernesto Amadeus Von Schnaart had even an inkling of this then he may never have used the phone box in the first place. This presence of mind however was unlikely as he was completely and utterly battered. In fact his alcohol-induced state was the only reason he got into the phone box in the first place.”

Anyway hope that has given you a taster and you’ll be wanting more 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Fish out