Blogging? What’s all this then?

Well, I guess that as this is my first ever blog entry you all ought to say a big “Hello” to me hadn’t you?

Thanks. And a warm salutation to you too.

Anyway, I’m Matty M, and this is my blog. Once I’ve worked out how to use the damn thing I’ll be sharing some of my writing with you, as well as my wonderfully witty thoughts of the day. If I ever have any.

In New Blog News (fake trademark), I’ve put some stuff on the “About Me” page. Feel free to read, it tells you some stuff about me. Not much, but if you’re that interested you can stalk me or something. I’ll probably put more up one day.

Also, in the next few days I’ll be posting installment number one of my current novel “In That Other Dimension…” ©Matty Millard 2012

I can sense your excitement from here.

Fish out

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