About Matty Millard

Hello everybody!

As you can tell from the giant title, I’m Matty Millard, and this page is about me.

I can often be found in the beautiful cities of Wolverhampton and Birmingham, England.

I’m a rocker, a football fan and a backpacker. I love beer and cake. I’m a reader and a writer of mainly fantasy stuff. My favourites include Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Roald Dahl and watching (I know it’s cheating a little bit, but I’ve got so many books to read!!!) Game of Thrones.

My debut novel “In That Other Dimension” was released in early 2014, and so far I’ve got some good reviews. I like that, because it took me a while to write.

I’ll be using this site to share info about my writing, and also to blog about things that make me tick. Don’t take things too seriously  – I like to be silly and have fun with life. I hope that comes across.

If not, feel free to tell me off.

Thanks for visiting my website,